In light of the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, I’ve decided to try and do something to help out. I just finished writing and recording a brand new song called “Sky Keeps Falling”, and have just put it up for download exclusively at

I will be donating every last cent made from the sales of this song directly to the American Red Cross Foundation to aid relief in Haiti. You can name your own price for the song (you can even download it for free if you want,) but just know that every dollar counts over there right now.

This song will only be available for one week, so please feel free to pick it up and help out. If you do decide to just download it for free, please be sure to repost about it somewhere so that someone else might donate.


P.S. - The recording is nothing special… But this was somewhat of a passion piece, so I simply wrote it and recorded it on the floor in my apartment on my MacBook. You can find the lyrics just below:

Backseat Goodbye - “Sky Keeps Falling”
It’s never easy waking up

When the sky keeps falling like it does

I’m better off with what I had

If only I could bring it back

So, this what they mean by forever

I never meant for it to last

All I know is gone, my hope might be

The only thing left that I have

Wherever you are

I hope you know

There’s nothing worse

Than a heart without a home

You’re scared, you’re strong, you’re not alone

It’s never easy waking up

When the sky keeps falling like it does

Me, I’m never giving up